Offroad Zone

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With a focus on high-performance upgrades OffRoad-Zone knows how to pimp your ride and provide you with an unrivaled driving experience. We have opened the door to our OffRoad tuning shop where car enthusiasts have the chance to have their vehicle custom tuned. Rest assured, you will get excellent technician services, OEM parts, and professional advice from our team. Our professional tuners will always go the extra mile for you.


When it comes to vehicle performance OffRoad-Zone puts a premium on the latest technologies. At our garage technicians will make the best of your Jeep tuning. You can opt for pre-owned or brand new parts from leading manufacturers to reveal the ultimate power of your 4×4. OffRoad-Zone can upgrade it with superchargers, tuners, proper ECU calibrations, and much more. Featuring unique designs, these systems deliver impressive horsepower and torque. Our kits allow you to maximize your performance without causing damage to your stock parts

In addition to engine modifications we can ensure that all vehicle systems are functioning well. If you identify a problem with an air conditioner, battery, or any other electrical unit, turn to our team for quality repairs. We will perform all necessary diagnostics and replace damaged parts with original factory parts.

Another thing that contributes to the performance of your 4×4 is the right set of wheels and tires. Since the UAE is justly famous for its rough terrains and severe driving conditions traction and grip should be of primary importance. At our off-road tuning shop you will find an extensive selection of wheels and tires of various sizes for all applications.