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Having spent more than 21 years in the Pest Control Industry operating numerous successful Pest Control businesses from an Oxfordshire base, I believe I am qualified to lead with this innovative new idea for the pest control industry.

But please remember that whilst I am introducing myself to you, we must all consider dealing with pest control infestations efficiently, effectively and safely in order to maintain and protect our beautiful land. Therefore we must never forget non-target wildlife and the environment!

In effect I started as a Pest Controller from the age of about ten years whilst ferreting and rough shooting on private land. Rabbits and Pigeons provided the meat for the table, but it was another eight years or so before I realised that my sporting pastime after school was over would turn into a lifetime business in the Pest Control Industry.

Oxford City Council contacted PCS to deal with a Fox problem at a local Convent and thereafter the work just kept on coming. I applied for and won many hospital Contracts, over 100 if you count the smaller hospital units between Oxford and London – as well as forty one MOD Properties, RAF and USAF covering everything south of a line between St Athan in Wales and The Wash in Norfolk.

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