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Vanx was started by passionate ice hockey players, who have tremendous love for the game and still play with much joy. We are a versatile group of people with different backgrounds, clubs, and playing level. But we all share the same love for the game and want to make it better and more affordable for all to play ice hockey.

One late summer when the season was about to start, we thought that the overall price to play ice hockey was becoming a bit too steep, considering that you have to pay for a membership, the occasional training tour, new gear, and particularly the new sticks! And if you are a parent with two children playing, the economic aspect could be a bit overwhelming.

So to have more children, and adults, to play the game and love it like we do, we took it apon ourselves to find the best possible stick with the most advanced features and technology and make it more affordable, so all can enjoy the feeling of a high-end ice hockey stick without selling your favourite kidney.

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